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Why Canada is a Great Place to Live and Build Your Business

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Canada, known for its diverse landscapes with majestic mountains, rolling plains, forested valleys, beautiful blue rivers and lakes and multicultural cities, is also a land of economic opportunity and growth for immigrants and businesses.

With a strong economy and simple business policies, Canada is one of the most promising countries for entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses, and for a good reason. Canada actively seeks to increase its population through one of over 100 immigration programs, which means a booming market awaits your products or services.

According to Statistics Canada, between 2015 and 2019, an average of 101,324 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were created annually, contributing more than 50% of the country's GDP. SMEs employed 88.2% of the private sector workforce in 2021, highlighting SMEs' vital role in the employability of the country's residents.

You can be part of that statistic!

Exploring Canada's Economic Landscape: A Haven for Growth and Diversity

Diversified Economy

Canada's economy is a mix of stability and dynamic growth. Canada has long been a global player in the resource sector with its rich natural resources, including oil, gas, and minerals. But that's not all. Canada's economic diversity is one of its greatest strengths. The country has seen a robust expansion in technology, finance, and manufacturing industries. This diversification helps the country navigate global economic fluctuations with resilience.

Technology and Innovation: Beyond the Big Cities

Unique strengths and specializations in artificial intelligence, clean technology, and digital media mark this nationwide tech revolution. These emerging tech hubs, attracting global talent and investment, are not limited to big metropolitan areas but are found across these diverse regions.

Canada's focus on technology and innovation spans beyond its major cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa, extending to a broad network of smaller, dynamic cities. These include Kanata, the Durham Region, and the Waterloo Region, each contributing distinctively to the national tech landscape.

These smaller cities and regions provide a nurturing environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. They are equipped with academic institutions, incubators, accelerators, and a collaborative tech community, making them ideal for startups and established tech firms.

This diverse and widespread tech landscape across Canada highlights the country's commitment to creating an inclusive and expansive environment for technological growth and entrepreneurship, offering opportunities for immigrants and entrepreneurs alike.

Trade Agreements

Canada's numerous trade agreements, including the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union, provide access to a vast global market, further bolstering its economic strength.

The Power of a Multicultural Workforce

One of the pillars of Canada's economic success is its multicultural workforce. Canada's immigration-friendly policies have created a diverse and skilled labour pool, a significant asset in a globalized world.

Diversity as an Economic Engine

Immigrants bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and perspectives, driving innovation and filling critical gaps in the labour market. Immigrant professionals in sectors like healthcare and technology play a pivotal role in service delivery and innovation.

Cultural Intelligence

The diverse cultural backgrounds of Canada's workforce also mean Canadian companies are well-positioned to operate globally. This cultural intelligence is invaluable in international business relations and negotiations.

Social Inclusion

Canada's emphasis on social inclusion and equal opportunities for all, regardless of background, ensures the workforce is diverse but harmonious and collaborative.

Fertile Ground for Business and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Canada is not just a land of employment opportunities; it's a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Supportive Business Environment

The Canadian government offers various programs and incentives to support businesses, especially startups and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). These include tax incentives, grants, and resources for research and development.

Access to Global Markets

Canada's strategic location and trade agreements give businesses easy access to global markets. This is particularly advantageous for companies looking to expand internationally.

Growing Startup Ecosystem

Canada is recognized as a vibrant startup ecosystem supported by a network of incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists. This environment nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship, making Canada an ideal place to start and grow a business.

Starting a business in Canada can be advantageous, especially when you tap into the rich resources and networks available in the country.

Four Steps to Open a Business in Canada

  1. Seek Mentorship from Successful Entrepreneurs: Start by connecting with entrepreneurs in Canada with a proven track record. Their experience and insights are invaluable for understanding the Canadian business landscape.

  2. Understand the Canadian Market: Research the market or utilize consultancy services to gain a deep understanding of the Canadian market dynamics. Tailor your business approach to meet the specific needs and trends of the local market.

  3. Establish Your Business in Canada: Initiate setting up your business. This includes business registration, understanding legal requirements, and establishing the necessary operational infrastructure.

  4. Join a Canadian Incubator Program: Consider enrolling in a Canadian incubator program, especially if your business involves digital or technological components. These programs provide mentorship, resources, networking opportunities, and a supportive environment essential for the growth and success of tech or digital startups.

Participating in a Canadian incubator program can be the key to the success of your business and access to the immigration.

Opportunities with the Startup Visa Program

  • The Startup Visa (SUV) Program, initiated by the Canadian federal government in 2015, is designed to attract innovative entrepreneurs, especially in the digital and technological sectors.

  • Permanent Residency and Work Visa: The SUV provides a pathway for you and your partners to apply for both permanent residency and a work visa, facilitating the development of your business in Canada.

  • Focus on Innovation and Job Creation: The SUV is particularly interested in entrepreneurs who contribute to innovation and job creation in the technology sector.

  • Support from Incubators for PR Application: Assistance from incubators not only aids in business growth but also supports the application for permanent residence in Canada.

Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your innovative idea into a flourishing business in Canada!

At Innova in Canada, we understand that each individual's journey to entrepreneurial success is unique. Our consultancy is dedicated to entrepreneurs across all sectors, whether you're a seasoned startup expert or taking your first steps in entrepreneurship.

We provide comprehensive support to navigate the essential steps for establishing your business in Canada. Our services include a deep dive into understanding the Canadian market, ensuring your business concept resonates with local trends and demands. We also guide you through your business's legal and operational setups.

A pivotal aspect of our support is preparing you for acceptance into top Canadian incubator programs under the Startup Visa Program. These incubator programs offer more than just mentorship and resources; they are your pathway to immigration. Once your startup is accepted and receives a letter of support from the incubator, it opens the door to immigration for you, your co-founders, and your immediate families.

Let us guide you in building a successful, future-proof business in Canada and pave the way for your entrepreneurial journey and immigration aspirations. With our expertise, you'll be well-equipped to impact Canada's dynamic business environment significantly.

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