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About Us

What is Innova?

We assist entrepreneurs in preparing for the Canadian market, guiding them through ideation, adaptation, and structuring digital businesses. Our specialized consulting services focus on ensuring acceptance into incubators under the Startup Visa program.

Our approach streamlines launching businesses in Canada, with services including business idea validation, pitch deck development, transculturation, and English language support. Post-incubation, we provide comprehensive guidance and resources for successful market entry.

Meet the

As a Business Consultant and Startup Advisor, I specialize in helping clients establish innovative, scalable digital businesses in Canada. My entrepreneurial journey began in 2018, transitioning from a decade-long tenure at a federal bank in Brazil. My first Canadian enterprise, a digital educational agency, merged my passion for travel and education with the vast international education market.

Innova In Canada was founded from my Brazilian management experience and insights gained in Canadian entrepreneurship. I guide co-founders in understanding the Canadian market and connect them with incubators. My mentorship focuses on securing a Letter of Support for a successful immigration application under the Startup Visa Program.

Claudio Leo

Startup Advisor

He brings extensive experience mentoring digital startups, excelling in project management, applying agile innovation methods, and fostering development within startup ecosystems in Brazil and Canada.

Nabel Bendago

Startup Advisor

He offers a wealth of experience in business development across Canada and Turkey, specializing in educational services and strategic advising. He is also fluent in Arabic.


How can we
help you?

Innova In Canada offers comprehensive guidance for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their digital businesses in Canada. We specialize in connecting you with resources, mentorship, and support for successful immigration under the Startup Visa Program.



Assess your business idea and align it with Canadian market expectations and opportunities.



Guide you through business plan adaptation, ensuring compatibility with Canadian market trends and incubator requirements.



Facilitate connections with Canadian incubators and provide mentorship for obtaining a Letter of Support for the Startup Visa.


Incubating your company involves a structured six-step process designed to transform your idea into a thriving business suitable for Canadian markets and eligible for immigration through the Startup Visa Program:

What makes
us different?

Our unique advantage lies in being immigrants assisting immigrants, with a specialization in scalable, digital businesses. We've successfully incubated over 30 companies and have a robust directory of professional partners to support every step of the entrepreneurial journey.

Immigrant Insight, Tailored Guidance

Deeply understanding the immigrant entrepreneur's perspective, we offer tailored guidance and insights based on our own experiences and successes.

Focused Digital Business Growth

Focused on digital business scalability, we equip entrepreneurs with strategies for growth and adaptation in the Canadian market.

Proven Startup Incubation Success

Proven track record with over 30 companies incubated, demonstrating our effectiveness in nurturing successful startups.

Extensive Professional Network Access

Access to a comprehensive network of professional partners, enhancing our clients' capabilities in various aspects of business development.

Personalized Mentorship and Support

Offering personalized mentorship and support, we ensure each entrepreneur receives the attention and resources necessary for success.

Strategic Immigration Facilitation Expertise

We are committed to facilitating successful immigration under the Startup Visa Program with our expert knowledge and strategic approach.

We guide and support your entry into the Canadian market. We'll help you understand the market, suggest ideation or advice for your business plan, and create a smooth timeline for your move to Canada.

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