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Visa Venture

Explore the Visa Venture Program, a transformative initiative designed to prepare and guide entrepreneurs for incubation. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from this program:


The Visa Venture program takes place four times a year, aligning with the incubation periods. Preparatory sessions occur in December, March, June, and September, one month before the incubation begins. This ensures that your company is well-prepared for the upcoming incubation in the following months.

Validate Ideas:
Ensure your business idea meets incubator program requirements and update your strategic plan accordingly.

Co-founder Profile:
Create or update your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills and experience.

Pitch Review:
Prepare your team for the incubator interview by reviewing and refining your pitch.

Matching and Screening:
Participate in the screening session with the incubator for acceptance.

Momentum Map:
Integration process with access to a knowledge base, templates, and checklists to stay on track.



  • Guided Discussions and Collaborative Learning

  • Assisted Discussions with 1:1 Meetings

  • Project Execution by the Client

  • Access to Map2Canada and Discover Startup Visa Webinar


Member's area:

  • Cohort-based incubated companies group.

  • Online Program with FAQ-style recorded classes.

  • Access to the written FAQ in the DRIVE.

  • Resources access: templates, contracts, ebooks, and important links.


  • FAQ

  • Resources

  • Individual folder per company.

  • Word document with a checklist (replicable template for each new company) and content generated during the study phase.

  • Required documents of partners and the company for incubation and Letter of Support application.


  • Internal project tracking for the client: Visa Venture onboarding, incubation onboarding, LOS Request, and Post-LOS check-ins until the end of incubation.


  • How incubation works (video by the incubator): meetings, platforms used, and communication with the incubator and Innova during this phase.

  • Screening Session: How to act, pitch presentation techniques.

  • Documents for LOS request.

  • Innova links for Pitch review, company opening, completion of the Operational Plan, and creation/update of LinkedIn.


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  • To receive support from a designated organization, you must present a convincing business idea worth supporting. The process of pitching your idea may vary depending on the organization, as each has specific requirements. Our role is to help refine your business idea and connect you with an appropriate incubator.

  • Celpip, IELTS, PTE Core, TEF Canada, TCE Canada

  • You keep your permanent residency and try another business or become an intrapreuneur by finding a job and supporting a company you choose to work for.

  • Yes, you can request a work permit to develop your business from Canada while you await the permanent residency processing.

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