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StartUp Visa

Canada offers immigration for entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to develop businesses.
You and up to four partners can move to Canada with your families. Permanent residency is extended to your spouse and children up to 22 years old.

To qualify:

To enter Canada, you must meet specific requirements, including providing biometrics, having a clear criminal record, and passing a medical exam.

Have a business idea with a digital component that can scale, innovate, create jobs for Canadians, and compete globally.

Have enough money to support yourself and your family when you arrive in Canada.

You should ensure that you have enough financial resources to cover the cost of the incubation program, your first-year cash flow, and immigration fees.

Must have an English proficiency level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 or a French language proficiency level of Niveau de Compétence Linguistique Canadien (NCLC) 5.

Receive a letter of support from a designated institution.


We guide and support your entry into the Canadian market. We'll help you understand the market, suggest ideation or advice for your business plan, and create a smooth timeline for your move to Canada.


  • To receive support from a designated organization, you must present a convincing business idea worth supporting. The process of pitching your idea may vary depending on the organization, as each has specific requirements. Our role is to help refine your business idea and connect you with an appropriate incubator.

  • Celpip, IELTS, PTE Core, TEF Canada, TCE Canada

  • You keep your permanent residency and try another business or become an intrapreuneur by finding a job and supporting a company you choose to work for.

  • Yes, you can request a work permit to develop your business from Canada while you await the permanent residency processing.

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