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10 Steps from Business Ideation to Immigration Sucess

1 - Discover if you qualify for the Startup Visa Program in Canada in the Eligibility and Business Ideation Session.

- Validate your business idea.

- Ensure you have the right cofounders with an entrepreneurial mindset.

- Assess your English proficiency for the incubation process and PR application.

- Explain the costs involved in the journey.

- Get familiarized with the next steps.

2 - Initiate the Pre-Incubation Process

Unlock your Startup's potential with our expertise! Let's refine your idea and navigate the Canadian market!

- Adapt your idea to meet Canadian market requirements and incubation program standards.

- Group Meetings with Innova in Canada to validate your Business Canvas and help you to build your first Pitch Deck draft.

- Coordinate a meeting with you and the Incubator to kickstart your incubation journey at the designated institution.

- Gain exclusive access to our comprehensive checklists and resources to navigate the startup visa journey easily.

- Get valuable insights, tips, and tools to maximize your chances of success.

3 - Screening Session with the Incubator

Get ready to showcase your idea to the government-designated Incubator!

- We will pitch your business idea to the Incubator and secure a screening session.

- This screening session determines your eligibility for the incubation program.

- The incubator team will analyze crucial aspects such as innovation, market potential, and business model.

Rely on our expertise to secure acceptance by the Incubator.

4 - Get ready for an immersive incubation journey and Start the Incubation!

The Program is divided into two phases: Alpha and Beta.

The Alpha Phase has an 8-week length and is 100% online, so you can attend from wherever you are. The group meetings are held twice weekly; each lasts about 2 hours Eastern Time.

The focus is on establishing the foundations of your idea and preparing the Business Plan.

You will attend workshops covering essential topics:

- Introduction and Overview of the Canadian Market

- Problem Validation and Design Thinking

- Product Development and Prototyping

- Agreements and Skills

- Goal Setting

- Introduction to Pitching and Pitch Day

After you complete the Alpha Phase, you will have time to fine-tune your Business Plan to request the crucial Letter of Support required for your Permanent Residency application.

5 - Enter the Beta Phase

The Beta Phase has 12 Months duration and starts after a 3-week break following the Alpha.

The meetings are conducted online, biweekly or monthly. Goals of the Beta Phase:

- Execute your Business Plan

- Run your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

- Unlock the resources and support available at the Incubator.

- Schedule meetings with experienced mentors who can provide valuable insights, feedback and guidance.

- Accelerate Your Business by connecting with potential investors and tapping into the incubator network of Angels.

- Explore opportunities for grants and government support to accelerate your growth.

6 - Request the Letter of Support

The Letter of Support assures immigration authorities that your business meets the Startup Visa Program criteria and that the Incubator supports your journey.

We'll guide and support you in achieving this crucial milestone, bringing you closer to immigration eligibility.

Count on us to facilitate seamless collaboration between you and the Incubator.

7 - Begin the Immigration Process and Secure Your Future in Canada

Upon receiving the Letter of Support, valid for six months, you will be ready to begin the immigration process.

- Option 1: Permanent Residence Only. Opt for permanent residence alone, paving the way for stability and growth in Canada.

- Option 2: Permanent Residence and Work Permit. Apply for both permanent residence and a work permit, allowing you to live and work in Canada before receiving the PR.

8 - The requirements to apply for permanent residency are:

- The Letter of Support and a Valid passport

- Give your Biometrics

- Complete a Medical examination

- Proof of funds corresponding to the application

- Criminal background check

- Demonstrate English or French proficiency equivalent to CLB 5. Do you want to know your level of English? Take an online test here.

The process for permanent residence will be on hold until all cofounders present the documents. The processing time is anywhere from two to three years.

If you want to come to Canada before that, you must also file a Work Permit Request.

9 - Establish Your Legal Presence.

Set the foundation for your business in Canada! Secure your legal presence by incorporating your company.

- Obtain a company name, register your domain, and publish your website.

- Start promoting your business through the channels outlined in your business plan to connect with prospective clients.

Access our valuable resources and a comprehensive checklist to navigate this crucial phase easily.

10 - Build Your Timeline to Canada

It's time to plan your journey to Canada and embark on a new chapter in life!

Build a complete timeline outlining key milestones and necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition to Canada.

Plan your relocation, accommodation, and other essential arrangements for you and your family.

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