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What is Innova?

We offer expert consulting and business development assistance to support entrepreneurs ideating, adapting, and launching digital startups in Canada.

Meet the Consultant

As a Business Consultant and Startup Advisor, I specialize in helping clients establish innovative, scalable digital businesses in Canada...

How can we
help you?

Innova In Canada offers comprehensive guidance for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their digital businesses in Canada...

What makes
us Different?

Our unique advantage lies in being immigrants assisting immigrants, with a specialization in scalable, digital businesses...

Our Services

Where to Start?

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Want to understand more about the Canadian business market?


Could be for you


Could be for you

Prepared to incubate your business and relocate to Canada?

Already equipped with market knowledge and eligibility, and with a concrete business concept?

Incubated Companies

Why Canada?

Canada's supportive startup ecosystem, thriving economy, and multicultural environment make it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs seeking growth, innovation...


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