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Startup Visa Canada is a federal program that allows foreign entrepreneurs to establish their innovative startup companies in Canada. 

The program focuses on attracting entrepreneurs who have the potential to create jobs for Canadians
and compete globally.

You and four more business partners and each family can come to Canada as permanent residents.

The permanent residency is extended to your spouse and children up to 22 years old.
Program requirements:
  • You must have a qualifying business idea and plan that a designated organization has supported.
  • You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents accompanying you to Canada.
  • You must meet the language requirements for English or French proficiency.
  • You must pass a security and medical examination.
  • Secure a letter of support from a designated organization.

5 Reasons you should open a Business in Canada - A land of opportunity!


Business-friendly environment

Canada has a highly developed market-based economy that is open to foreign investment. It offers a stable business environment, transparent regulations, and low corporate taxes compared to other G7 countries, making it an attractive location for entrepreneurs and businesses.


Highly skilled and

diverse workforce

Canada has a highly educated and skilled workforce with a large pool of bilingual talent in English and French. The country also welcomes immigration and diversity, making it easier for businesses to attract and retain top talent worldwide.


Access to global markets

Canada has free trade agreements with over 50 countries, including the United States, Mexico, and the European Union, providing businesses easy access to global markets.


Supportive business ecosystem

Canada has a robust ecosystem of research institutions, startup accelerators, and venture capital firms that can provide businesses with the necessary resources to succeed. The government also offers a range of programs and incentives to support innovation and entrepreneurship.


High quality of life

Canada ranks as one of the best countries in the world, with high standards of living, excellent healthcare and education systems, and a diverse and inclusive society. This makes it an attractive location for businesses looking to attract and retain top talent.

Marcela Hartvig

  • LinkedIn

Meet your consultant

I am a business consultant passionate about helping entrepreneurs and startups achieve their goals. My journey began in 2016 when I moved to Canada from Brazil, where I accumulated valuable management experience as a civil servant at Caixa Econômica Federal, a federal bank.

Since then, I have been practicing entrepreneurship in Canada. My experience and expertise led me to establish Innova In Canada, a consultancy specializing in helping individuals explore new opportunities in Canada through education and entrepreneurship.

I dedicate to providing personalized guidance and support to my clients as they navigate the complex process of starting and growing a business in Canada.

Companies incubated

  • Does Innova in Canada invest in businesses?
    Innova in Canada does not offer any direct financial support or investment.
  • Do Innova in Canada and the incubator hold a stake in the business?
    Innova in Canada and the incubator we partner with do not receive equity in the new business.
  • Does the incubation program require me to be in Canada?
    You can do the Innova in Canada consultancy and incubation program 100% online.
  • When do I have to start my business, and where?
    You can incorporate your company before requesting the Letter of Support, and you can open anywhere but in Quebec.
  • When do I need to move to Canada?
    If you apply for a work permit, you can move as soon as IRCC processes it. For more information and how to apply for a work permit, visit the IRCC’s Work permits for Start-Up Visa applicants page. Alternatively, you do not have to apply for a work permit. You can wait for the final decision on your permanent residency from IRCC while you develop your business with the incubator’s support.
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