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Turn your idea into success in Canada! 

Join Map2Canada and embark on the journey of creating or adapting your startup for the Canadian market.

What is Map2Canada?

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Map2Canada is a program designed to guide entrepreneurs on the journey of ideation, adaptation, and structuring of a Pitch Deck.

With a specific focus on Canada, the program is ideal for those who are looking to immigrate through a startup or simply expand their businesses into the Canadian market.

In 8 live sessions, you will have access to specialized content, tools, and feedback. Additionally, there will be 2 dedicated meetings for the review and improvement of your Pitch Deck.


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Denifition of Participant

The registration fee for Map2Canada program is estabilished on a per-person or per-company basis. If a company has multiple partners who wish to participate, all of them are considered as a single participant.

Value and Full Journey

The payment made for the Map2Canada program will be considered as part of the Full Journey for those who wish to proceed with incubation.


Member Area

Upon purchasing the Map2Canada program, the participant will be automatically added to the Map2Canada group, designed for clarifying doubts and accessing recorded meetings, as well as the Discover the Startup Visa member area, for a total period of 12 months from the program's start date.

Planning and Immigrating to Canada through a business idea:

What do you gain from participating in the program? 

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Overwhelmed by a multitude of ideas?

Clarity and direction for your business idea.

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Uncertainty about the viability of the business?

A deep understanding of the Canadian market, allowing you to validate and refine your idea, eliminating uncertainties and strengthening the viability of your business.


Concerned that your Pitch Deck is not convincing? 

Confidence when presenting to the incubator or potential investors, partners, clients, or collaborators.


Interested in immigration through your business? 

This is the first step in the incubation process promoted by Innova in Canada in partnership with a government-designated business incubator.

Presented by: 

Marcela Hartvig de Freitas 
Founder & CEO of Innova in Canada. 

I am a business consultant passionate about helping entrepreneurs and startups achieve their goals. My journey began in 2016 when I moved to Canada from Brazil, where I gained valuable management experience as a public servant at Caixa Econômica Federal.

Since 2018, I have been practicing entrepreneurship in Canada. My experience and expertise have led me to establish Innova In Canada, a consultancy specialized in helping individuals explore new opportunities in Canada through education and entrepreneurship..

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Next Class

Map2Canada English



Your entrepreneurial guide to starting in Canada

Valid until canceled

Deep understanding of the Canadian market

Adaptation strategies to the international scenario

Support in creating an impactful International Pitch Deck

Valuable connections, including potential partners.

First step of your immigration journey through Startup Visa.

Understand the stages and prices of the INCUBATION PROGRAM


CAD 45.000

Full Package for a company with up to 5 partners.
You can pay as you progress through the stages in up to four installments.

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CAD 22.000

Beta Phase

  • Incubator: Mentorings on demand

  • Incubator: Workshops and Members Area

  • Incubator: Networking

  • Innova in Canada: quarter OKR follow-up

  • Innova in Canada: access to Entrepreuneurs Group

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CAD 15.000

Alpha Phase

  • Incubator Support: Workshops twice a week for 2 months

  • Innova in Canada: Business Plan Review

  • Innova in Canada: Access to Templates and Knowledge Base

  • Innova in Canada: two One:on:one meetings

  • Innova in Canada: Connecting with our partner directory

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CAD 5.000

The Canadian Bridge

  • Pitch Presentation Review and Feedback

  • Matching with the Designated Incubator

  • Screening Session with the incubator

  • Onboarding, Knowledge Base and Checklists

  • Clarification /Adaptation after Screening Session with the incubator

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CAD 3.000

Understand the Market

  • Business Validation

  • 8 Sessions alive and recorded

  • Lean Canvas Review

  • Pitch Deck Review

  • Assessment of your English level

  • Eligibility Session

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