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Advisory Extra Services

Business Meeting

CEO Services

Includes Market Analysis, Customer Segmentation and Profiling, Competitive Analysis, Cash Flow and 3-Year Financial Projections, and Smart Goals Creation.

Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Customer Segmentation and Profiling
Cash Flow and 3-Year Financial Projections
Goal Setting and Roadmap Planning

Assessment of the target market's size, demographics, trends, and competitors. Identify the Startup's target audience by categorizing customers based on shared characteristics.

Detailed cash flow statements and three-year financial projections, including projected income and operating expenses statements and balance sheet assumptions.

Developing and setting clear and attainable SMART goals and OKRs for the startup's short and long-term objectives, including developing detailed roadmaps with milestones, timelines, and resources.

CMO Services

Website and Logo Design

A custom static website will have a home page, product/services page, about you page, contact page, and a call to action page.

Copywriting Package - One-time fee

One blog post (up to 1,000 words), 9 Instagram posts, one copy for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads Campaign, a sequence of 4 email marketing for one objective and copy for 3 product descriptions (up to 200 words each).


CPO Services

Monthly Strategy Review, Progress Tracking and Reporting

One monthly review meeting with the startup's key stakeholders to discuss progress, review the roadmap and address any deviations or issues, including data-driven assessments and a comprehensive progress report.

Provide recommendations on systems and subscriptions aligned with SMART goals and OKRs. Integration and automation workflows of CRM, project management, and financial platforms for seamless data flow and trigger activation based on predefined rules. Offer training and support for system use.

Alignment and Integration Services
Strategic Sales Accelerator with Pitch Deck

Design a targeted sales strategy to engage and convert prospects, complete with tailored sales presentations. We deliver two professionally crafted pitch deck versions: one tailored for incubators and potential investors and another for clients and potential partners. Both decks highlight the startup's value proposition, solution, market opportunity, business model, traction, financials, and team

Combines sales and product strategy development and pitch deck creation into one comprehensive service. 


CFO Services

Company Registration

Registering the startup as a legal entity, including drafting Shareholder Agreements and Articles of Incorporation.

Elaboration of Chart Accounts

Develop a comprehensive Chart of Accounts tailored to your business’s financial structure. This essential tool ensures organized and accurate financial reporting, helping you make informed strategic decisions.

Client, Supplier, and Product Registrations and Management

Efficiently manage your business relationships by centralizing client, supplier, and product data. Our streamlined registrations and control methods ensure you stay organized and responsive to your stakeholders.

Grant and Funding Advisory

Provides a one-time advisory service to identify suitable grants and funding opportunities for the startup. Includes researching grant programs, assessing eligibility criteria, and creating a report detailing potential grant and funding matches with application deadlines and requirements.

Implementation of an accounting system for managing financial records, generating quotes, and issuing invoices.

Accounting System Setup
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